Norvia Longevity
Norvia Longevity

Norvia Longevity
Nutrition shakes

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  • Helps prevent lifestyle disorders, including significantly reducing risk factors for cardio (heart) and vascular (blood vessel) diseases in your brain and body.
  • Significantly increases blood flow whilst reducing blood lipids, blood pressure, and other risk factors for cardiovascular disorders.
  • Strong anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Part meal replacement - simply replace 1-2 daily meals with our total nutrition formula shakes to support increased overall health.
  • Single portion foil sachets for maximum freshness and convenience.
  • Simply add the sachet to water in a shaker and you’re good to go.

x 14 MEALS / €4.20 / MEAL

For long term improvement in physical well-being we recommend taking 1-2 Norvia Longevity shakes a day as a replacement for 1-2 of your usual daily meals.

Each shake provides a concentrated intake of bioactive plant-based ingredients and vitamins that contributes to a normal energy-yielding metabolism and supports cardiovascular health.

High protein/high fibre plant-based nutrition promotes healthy and stable gut bacteria to support human gut microbiome associated with improved immune system and intestinal function.

CAUTIONS & ADVICE It is important to consume a varied and balanced diet.

A great number of Internationally published clinical studies have been conducted by Norvia founder Dr Lars Høie and medical opinion leaders at University Hospitals in Europe and the U.S. over the past 30 years, documenting the proven health benefits of natural plant-based products. Norvia is a new formulation based on the findings of these studies.