The science of natural nutrition

Our products combine nature + science to provide significant health and wellbeing benefits. It has taken over 30 years of scientific research and rigorous clinical trials to create products that are natural, effective and safe.

Having developed products in Scandinavia since 1989, Dr. Høie’s formulations have been the most successful weight reduction products in Scandinavia and proven effective and safe by millions of users.

The Soy plant has universally recognized cholesterol reducing properties; Our unique formula combines naturally extracted soy protein, soy fiber and soy phospholipids to create a synergistic effect that doubles the cholesterol lowering effect compared to soy protein alone.

The benefits


NORVIA WEIGHT LOSS SHAKES can be used for rapid weight loss, or integrated into a balanced diet as part of a longer term healthy lifestyle.

The specially developed daily nutritional formula is based on a great number of clinical studies done on VLCDs (Very Low Calorie Diets) that have shown that the ingredients and its formulation can contribute to improved cardiovascular health, lowering of cholesterol, blood pressure and reduce risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

A study in the Lancet 2016 showed reduced risk factors for type-2 diabetes in people that implemented a VLCD, taking a similar formulation as Norvia daily.

Designed to Preserve muscle mass during weight loss and give renewed energy as it contains all essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body needs.


NORVIA SPORTS ACTIVE PERFORMANCE SHAKES are protein rich complete nutritional formulas, designed to help improve physical performance and preserve your muscle mass during exercise.

Containing the perfect combination of proteins, vitamins and minerals your body needs to prepare the body for, and increase energy levels during exercise.