Dr. Lars Høie MD PhD, Dr.Philos

Norvia was founded 2016 in Dublin, Ireland and is the culmination of my life’s work.

At the time I studied medicine back in the 80’s I decided to dedicate my life to develop natural, highly effective nutritional products with documented effect on lifestyle disorders. The past 3 decades has resulted in over 30 clinical published studies, a PhD & Dr. Philos.

For me the most important part is that my formulations have changed thousands of lives where people have become healthier and happier. The products Norvia offers are exceptional, world-class both in terms of ingredients quality, efficacy, and taste.

I have got with me in Norvia a very experienced team, with more than 100yrs high level business experience, combined.

“My ambition with Norvia is to make our products available globally, to as many people possible”.

BBC NEWS - ‘DRINK OUR WAY TO BETTER HEALTH’  from Norvia on Vimeo. BBC World News with 250 mill viewers.